“Rise of the Angry Earth” – New World cinematic

Overflowing with excitement to share a monumental cinematic experience I had the privilege to score! 🎵🔥 It’s an honor to contribute music to Amazon Game Studios for their breathtaking “Rise of the Angry Earth” cinematic, revealing a thrilling expansion to the immersive open-world MMO, “New World”.

Change echoes across Aeternum. The once serene First Light now bears the scars of Artemis’ wrath and the unleashed fury of the Angry Earth. As these elemental forces awaken, so do the formidable Beast Lords – a potential new challenge for the denizens of Aeternum. Yet, they also bring a gift – the art of taming and riding animals.

Massive gratitude to audio lead Austin DeVries, Amazon Game Studios, Axis, and Charles Deenen at Source Sound for their outstanding collaboration and dedication.

Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning of an incredible journey!

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