Music for Overwatch 2 Season 5

Super excited to share some of the music I penned for the Season 5 of Overwatch 2!

Here is an excerpt from the Season 5 Title Screen music. This season’s theme was all about high fantasy, and I was able to use colors ranging from psaltery to hurdy-gurdy to a big modern orchestra and a smorgasbord of synths.

Many thanks to Blizzard and the Overwatch music team for having me.

“Welcome brave heroes! The kingdom of Overland is in danger, and it will be up to you to save it from the terror of the Demon Lord! New adventures, magical skins, ways to play, and updates are coming in Overwatch 2’s latest season!

For Season 5, players will progress through the season Battle Pass to the theme of an epic role-playing adventure, including new challenges and game modes as part of a high-fantasy theme and unlock an all-new Mythic Adventurer skin for Tracer.”