Composer Edouard Brenneisen creates emotionally dynamic music scores for film, television and video games.

While the orchestra is the backbone of his musical palette, Brenneisen also infuses his love for “electricity” and obscure instruments in many of his scores. His work stretches from full-fledged orchestral scores to industrial, bleeding-edge electronic mayhem. True to his European upbringing, Brenneisen holds a particular interest for nuanced colors and emotive melodies.

Most recently, Edouard composed the music for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 reveal, Tencent Games’ behemoth MOBA “Honor of Kings”, the 48th Annie Awards ceremony, the HiRez Studios games “Smite” and “Paladins”, and the 2021 Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks.

As Lead Composer on League of Legends, he’s written music for several popular champions, skins, cinematics and game modes.

Edouard Brenneisen’s work include music for the animation series “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, the David Attenborough documentary “Micro Monsters 3D”, and video game behemoth “League of Legends”. He has explored the mind of a tortured serial killer in “The Barber”, depicted the sweeping vistas of the Middle East in the documentary “Ode to my Mother”, as well as created the aural backdrop of the technology-centric Anthony Zuiker thriller “Cybergeddon”.

Edouard lends richly textured and emotionally compelling scores to the projects he embarks upon: “The way I see my work as a composer, I am mapping out the human heart. Observing, sustaining, coercing, magnifying, expressing and creating emotions – that is what I strive to achieve in my work”.

Edouard Brenneisen currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Billye, their daughter June and wizard dog Potter.