Music for Legue of Legends’ Star Guardian

I am thrilled to have written the music to this year’s Star Guardian skin line for League of Legends! Following up on last year’s Burning Bright (which I was lucky to get to pen the music and lyrics), this year’s Star Guardian event comprises a beautiful animated teaser, a login theme and a completely new map and mode for League of Legends.

Directed by Riot Games creative Patrick Morales, the Anima-produced video features sound design by Julian Samal and a mix by Sean Balas.

We had the chance to record a group of LA’s finest musicians at The Bridge Recording, contracted by the infallible Noah Gladstone, under the direction of maestro Anthony Parnther, all captured by Steve Kaplan. Extra special thanks to Thanh Tran, who not only delivered great music copy services on this (and stayed up all night to do so), but saved the day after my transfer hard drive died.

Lastly, I’m super stalked for the music to feature the amazing vocal talents of Julie Elven, who really brought everything to life – a true gem of a singer!

Here is the login theme for Star Guardian 2017:

Here is some of the music I wrote and produced for the Invasion/Valoran City Park map and mode:

Here are some pictures from the string recording session at The Bridge Recording: