Edouard Brenneisen at GameSoundCon

I will be presenting “Creative Orchestration for League of Legends” at this year’s edition of GameSoundCon. I will be speaking on Nov 8th 2017 at the Millennium Biltmore hotel. For tickets and information, please visit https://www.gamesoundcon.com

“Creative Orchestration for League of Legends” is not an orchestration primer. Instead, the talk describes a journey into creative, tactical and technical choices in orchestrating music for an IP that comprises nearly 140 characters, 12 regions and alternate fantasies through popular skin lines.

“Creative Orchestration for League of Legends” shows how designing ensembles can contribute to developing a unique musical signature for a video game and its characters. Through a variety of examples, the audience will explore orchestrations ranging from string quartet to the full symphony orchestra and a number of very unique ensembles in between, and discover how the choice of notes, ensembles and seating arrangements helps shaping character identity. Pooled from a variety of styles of music, the examples used are from major scoring stage recordings and include in-context excerpts as well as isolated stems, all synchronized to sheet music.

In addition to orchestration, the talk also examines how the choice of a recording space and the technical choices made during the recording and mixing can affect the way orchestrations translates to the final product. Finally, “Creative Orchestration for League of Legends” offers advice ranging from developing one’s orchestration skills to using shorthands for contemporary orchestral techniques to budgeting for live sessions.