Music for League of Legends’ Pyke

Really happy to share the theme for Pyke, League of Legends’ newest champion! The design time really did a fantastic job with him, and I hope players dig him as much as I do.

We recorded the music at the Bridge in Glendale. Many thanks to Noah Gladstone and Elisa Rice of Hollywood Scoring for assembling a stellar cast – in particular, soloists Paul Jacob Cartwright (on electric violin) and David Low brought a lot of personality to the music. Thanks to concertmaster Mark Robertson for his impeccable lead. The music was conducted by the great Anthony Parnther, captured by Adam Michalak, and music prep was done by the tireless Thanh Tran.

Extra special thanks to sound designer Bryan Higa for his inspiring work and guidance on the project! Pictured here is the login screen with art by Victor Maury and sick mograph by the talented Sanketh Yayathi!

You can download the music from SoundCloud here:

In addition to the login music, here’s the Pyke teaser: