Music for League of Legends’ Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

I’m thrilled to share the work that I have done on League of Legends’ latest ultimate skin, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune (GGMF)!

Here are a few words about the skin:

“Ten years ago, a great civil war stretched across the galaxy. A brilliant scientist created blueprints for a superweapon that could end the war: The exosuit. That man was the founder of Fortune Industries. When his comrades discovered the exosuit plans, they wasted no time murdering him. He was survived by his only daughter, who they shot and left for dead.

Over the years, she acquired four exosuits, became the notorious bounty hunter known as the Gun Goddess, and swore vengeance on these traitors. Now she’s ready to collect the debt she’s owed”

The music features an eclectic mix of liquid guitars, sultry big band and edgy synths. In addition to the music, the login screen features sound design by the great Alison Ho:


You can download the music from SoundCloud here:


In addition to the login music, a very cool teaser accompanies the release of GGMF: “Payback Is a Goddess”