The Music of Pantheon – the video series

“The Music of Pantheon” (League of Legends) video series is here! The 12-part series on composing and producing the theme for Riot Games’ exciting League champion.


A few weeks ago, I gave a little presentation on the music I wrote for League of Legends’ champion Pantheon to the Riot Games audio team. The topics ranged from vocal reverbs to brass striping to mastering to faction-specific instruments. I compiled some videos for the occasion and can share them with the broader public!

Many thanks to all the people involved in the project: Noah Gladstone, Thanh Tran, Anthony Parnther, Adam Michalak, Keith Ukrisna with Hollywood Scoring, Wiliiam William Arnold and all the great AFM47 musicians involved, and all the lovely people at Riot Games who worked on this.