“Outlandish” by SubPub Music

I’m happy to announce that I have written music for SubPub Music’s latest release, “Outlandish”.

“Outlandish is an epic and dramatic, emotional orchestral album with dark triumphant apocalyptic choir themes, cinematic strings and victorious brass arrangements with melancholy yet hopeful sparse piano openings and powerful mayhemic and heroic sound design endings”

Composed by Castimoniae, Torsti Spoof, Iliya Zaki, Dylan C. Jones, Peter Jeremias, Edouard Brenneisen, Mike Marino, Massimiliano Foti, The Little Orchestra, Alexandre Guiraud, Alexandros Nikolaidis, Jaroslav Vyhnicka, Jonathan Mayer, Tim Besamusca, Onur Tarcin and James Paget.

Album Cover Art by Ryo Ishido.

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/outlandish-original-soundtrack/id987614523

[image_caption src=”https://www.eb-music.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/SPM037-Outlandish-SQ.jpg” align=”left” width=”450″ caption=”Outlandish”]