Neeko, the Curious Chameleon!

I’m really thrilled with the release of League of Legends’ latest champion, Neeko!

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute her theme to the project and work with some of my favorite people along the way. We recorded strings at the famed Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage. Contractor Noah Gladstone assembled another fantastic cast, under the expert baton of Anthony Parnther, all captured by the legendary Adam Michalak. Thanks to principals Mark Robertson, Andrew Duckles and David Low for making everyone play their asses off!

Thanks to the brilliant soloists who have lent their extraordinary talents to the music. Violinist Alyssa Park’s playing was so incredibly precise and soulful I had the hardest time giving her any instructions from the booth – we ended up running tape for a couple more takes just for the sheer pleasure of hearing her play. Úyanga Bold outdid herself on this one. She singlehandedly managed to not only NOT sound like herself and not sound like anyone else either, but still sound like ONLY HER could have sung this (I’m aware of the conflicting nature of my words :D). So much talent!

Many thanks to sound designer Bryan Higa who has been a constant source of terrific feedback during the process, writer Matt Dunn and concept artist Daniel Orive Gomez for the inspiration, and the rest of the Riot music team for their guidance and expert ears, especially in the last few hours leading up to the release (Kyle ‘Kole’ Hicks, Alex Temple, Jason Willey and Sebastien Najand).