Music for League of Legends’ Xayah and Rakan

I’m really excited to share with you all this super cool project we wrapped up for League of Legends!

I’m feeling thankful for the opportunity to write music for this awesome piece. We recorded a bunch a big group of our L.A. musician friends at The Bridge (assembled by the amazing Noah Gladstone and Elisa Rice), under the baton of conductor extraordinaire Anthony Parnther, all beautifully captured by Steve Kaplan. Úyanga Bold blessed us with some truly inspiring vocal performances!

Big up to the rest of my sound bros, Eliot Connors, Kyle Vande Slunt, Bryan Higa and Sean Balas for the sonic goodness!

Last but not least, here is the theme that I wrote for Rakan and Xayah, League of Legends’ newest champions.





Grateful I get to sing on the epic and magical music of Edouard Brenneisen for League of Legends/Riot Games today! 🎶

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