Music for League of Legends’ “The Climb” cinematic

I am very I proud of the release of League of Legends’ “The Climb” cinematic and feeling thankful for the opportunity to have written and produced the music for it! Many thanks to Anton Kolyukh for being a demanding creative partner on this. The score features 82 fantastic musicians from the AFM, a cast assembled by Hollywood Scoring’s finest, Noah Gladstone and Elisa Rice, led by concertmaster Mark Robertson and conductor extraordinaire Anthony Parnther, and beautifully captured at Warner Brothers’ Eastwood Scoring Stage by Adam Michalak. Big props to Formosa sound designer Eliot Connors and mixer Chad Bedell for their awesome work.

A lot of Riot Games people put a lot of hard work and effort into this video and it shows. As a League player and game developer, I couldn’t be more excited! Season 8 of League of Legends is off to a great start (our team even won our first match of the season!).