Music for League of Legends’ Dark Cosmic Jhin

Really thrilled for the opportunity to have written the music for League of Legends’ “Dark Cosmic Jhin”! It’s been a lot of fun seeing this project come together, a visual, storytelling and sonic feast for League players.



I’m truly thankful for the insane talent of Cecilia Tsan, Mark Robertson, Andre Duckles and Ben Jacobson. We recorded a few weeks ago at the Hollywood Scoring Stage. Many thanks to Hollywood Scoring’s Noah Gladstone for contracting the musicians, Adam Michalak for his flawless engineering, Thanh Tran for the beautiful score prep, and Anthony Parnther for making me sound good.


Check out the full behind the scenes, “fly on the wall” video:

Recorded May 21 2019, Hollywood Scoring Stage, Glendale, California


Mark Robertson: 1st violin/concertmaster
Ben Jacobson: 2nd violin
Andrew Duckles: Viola
Cecilia Tsan: Cello


Conducted by Anthony Parnther
Engineered by Adam Michalak
Music preparation by Thanh Tran
Contracting by Noah Gladstone of Hollywood Scoring


Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen


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Music ©Riot Games 2019


Here is the sheet music played by the quartet:

Here is the trailer announcing the skins: