Music for DEADROP Snapshot VII

I had such a great time working on the Snapshot for DEADROP!

In Snapshot VII, Midnight Society introduced the “Midnight Ride” mode, for which I composed the music.

Deadrop is a new free-to-play AAA vertical extraction shooter (VES) that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to elevate online multiplayer competition. Deadrop is crafted by Midnight Society, a studio spearheaded by Dr. Disrespect, alongside former Halo and Call of Duty developers.

“It is the year 2020.b. In the world where Deadrop unfolds, climate wars have culminated in the rise of city-states as the primary form of governance. This game is set in an environment where colossal structures known as Refiner States draw toxins from the stratosphere. With both pollution and population at unprecedented highs, these city-states are self-sustaining, with their sole export being “Space Dust.” This game promises a distinctive and immersive backdrop that’s bound to enthrall its players.

In Deadrop, the treasured Space Dust is converted into bricks and distributed to cities surrounding the Refiner States, the vertical city-states. The commerce revolving around this dust and the prosperity it attracts has resulted in various factions vying for control over these edifices. Amidst this conflict for dominion over resources and tools within these towers, groups like the Skins, Syns, and the Cleaners are locked in combat for the mastery of the Refiner States. Players are presented with the choice of allegiance.”

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