Music for “Call of Duty: Mobile” + G.A.N.G. Awards Nominations

“Call of Duty: Mobile” has been nominated for a Game Audio Network Guild award in the Best Audio for Social Game category!

I am very fortunate to have penned some music for this incredible game.

Here is the “Ice Drake” theme:

Many thanks to TiMi Studios an Activision for having me part of this project!

Composer: Edouard Brenneisen
Orchestrator: Lorenzo Carrano
Recording Studio: Rottenbiller Hall
Orchestra: Budapest Scoring
Conductor: Peter Illenyi
Librarian: Katalin Reti
Solo Musicians:
– Cello: Cameron Stone
– Nyckelharpa: Morgan O’Shaughnessey
Recording Engineer: Adam Michalak (L.A.) Viktor Szabo (Budapest)
Mixing and Mastering: Steve Kaplan