“Honor of Kings” Soundtrack vol. 6 is out

I’m super happy to share that some of my work for the incredible game “Honor of Kings” (TiMi Studios/Tencent Games) was recently released on their Vol. 6 Soundtrack. Here is an excerpt from “Child of Woods”. In depicting this champion and her beast, I was inspired by own little girl and dog and their friendship.

Beyond the thematic aspects of the music, this piece is a bit of love letter to Chinese percussion, characterized by its dynamic and vibrant sound, which often features a diverse range of colors played with great skill and precision. The music features dangu, a large bass drum; bangu, taipinggu and huagu, incredibly fun hand percussion instruments; all flavors of gongs, the bangu, a small hand-held drum; and the paiban, a pair of wooden clappers. Together, these instruments create a mesmerizing and dynamic sound that is uniquely Chinese in character.

“Child of Woods”

Here’s the “Child of Woods” theme for “Honor of Kings” (TiMi Studios – Tencent Games) by Edouard Brenneisen

Check out the “Honor of Kings Vol. 6” soundtrack on your favorite streaming services.

Composed by Edouard Brenneisen

Music orchestrated by Lorenzo Carrano & Edouard Brenneisen

Nashville team:

Music recorded at Ocean Way Studios Nashville by Nick Spezia
Conducted by David Shipps
Musicians contracted by Alan Umstead of Nashville Scoring
Music prep by Sammy Sanfilippo

The music was mixed by Justin Moshkevich

Music was proofread and sessions co-produced by Reuven Herman

Edouard Brenneisen is represented by Defiant Talent.