“HARD” trailer is up

“HARD” – Trailer

Directed by Garry Moore of S.H.A.M. Films, with original music by Edouard Brenneisen.

HARD is a trailer for a proposed feature film. We’re looking for investors right now. To get more info and an investment pack please email info@shamfilms.co.uk and we will email you one out. Please feel free to leave a comment. Is this a film you would want to go and see at the cinema? Do you think the concept is a great idea?

Feature Film Synopsis: After her sister Stacey is left brain damaged in a fight with rival firm leader Lulu Devine, 16 year old Beki joins Stacey’s old firm ‘The Warriors’, with revenge on her mind and her fighting ability soon outshines their leader Trixie. Her prowess attracts the attentions of Karen, but confused by her sexuality, Beki rejects Karen’s advances.

Trixie, jealous at Beki’s new found status, takes Karen for herself and during the much anticipated fight with Lulu’s firm leaves Beki behind to the mercy of their rivals. Barely getting out alive Beki turns to Karen for advice and the pair spend the night together. But in order to have Karen for herself Beki must challenge Trixie for leadership of ‘The Warriors’ . Beki soon learns that her revenge will have repercussions for everyone.