“Tess the Inventor” is a wrap

Marking his third collaboration with writer/director/producer Jacquelien Gault of Jackal Films, the film depicts the adventures of a twelve-year-old Victorian genius plunged into the post-apocalyptic future of 2013, she hasn’t seen a single human being in the two months since her arrival.

Living on tins of beans, improving technology with her steampunk sensibilities, avoiding packs of mutant dogs – it’s all a little much to handle by one’s self.

So she scavenges parts from deserted shops and uninhabited homes and builds a friend; the steam-powered man, Electric Bob.

Together, they’ll travel across the empty landscape to match wits with bandits, hackers, and a CEO with entitlement issues.

Looking for answers to questions as big as the Universe.

To Tess, one thing is clear – if she wants a way home, she’ll have to build it herself…

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/TessTheInventor and http://tesstheinventor.com/

Music excerpts by Edouard Brenneisen coming soon.

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